simple as.

i have come to the conclusion that most of my peers are complete pricks. with the exception of a few, this class of 2011 have gotten to be so bad that i'm embarressed to be seen with them. i miss my old grade, because at least they had respect. this class, however, does not and i am forced to be here when i'd much rather be thinking about graduation other than a summer job.

completely unaware of what i was getting myself into, i thought 'hey, i'll make friends with everyone and not be such a damn bitch like i used to be.' and here i am, trying my hardest to be the nice new girl that everyone doesn't hate. but my hardest does not work.

we are supposed to be in high school. this is not middle school and i am not the same stupid, big-mouthed demon child i used to be. to be poetic, i would say that i am a rock face, and the seas of america has worn be down to be a smooth and shiny surface of now. but i am not feeling poetic.

to further my rant, i'm going to use my 11:11 wish on the hope of the end of teenage bitchiness and the beginning of a new age with contentness of who we are and who we want to be.