morgan freeman.

my mother is angry at me because i refuse to clean my room.

i wish i was a sloth. mother sloths don't ask teenage sloths to clean their rooms. not that sloths have rooms, but i suppose a sloths bedroom would be the branch they wrap themselves around. but i find it hard to believe that sloths would have to clean their bedroom/branches because they're fucking sloths.
don't get me wrong, i love my mother, but in spite of her i have compiled a list of things i would be able to do if she wasn't around:

  1. live like a sloth
  2. own a cat
  3. pierce my ears
  4. keep my best friends
  5. keep my boyfriends
  6. enjoy the company of hookers
  7. love jesus
  8. work at coles
  9. believe in miracles
  10. go to hogwarts

all that aside, i suppose we have to sacrifice things we want for the ones we love. things i have accomplished with her around;

  1. lived
  2. breathed
  3. laughed
  4. loved

some things out-weigh the others.