burnt and covered in paint

assignments are nearly finished and thus comes exams. i'm very scared of my modern history assignment. it's apparently very long and very hard and i probably shouldn't procrastinate as much. but i think i can pull it off. i actually just performed my BCT assignment, which nearly killed me. i stuttered heaps and it was just baaaaad. but i feel confident about my marks.
i love exams. i'd rather sit an exam than do an assignment. assignments are no fun at all. it's like eating an ice block. you get the ice-block (class), you sit there and eat it (class-time work), but then you have to cram it all in your mouth and cause a very painful brainfreeze (assignment). and then after the brain rape is gone, you must reflect on the taste of the ice block, regardless of the pain felt prior, thus creating a horrible bias (exam). all in all, if i didn't have to cram that ice block and freeze, i think i wouldn't mind school.