say anything

i love life, but life has a boyfriend;
bless my heart, i'm out to destroy them.

so i've been listening to 'say anything's newest album lately. i've never really gotten into them before, actually, even though i have their discography. i only just recently decided to download their latest album, and i'm fairly sure i'm glad. i'm attempting to figure out whether my favorite song off that album is 'cemetery' or 'eloise'. regardless, the album is fucking awesome.

other than that, i have decided to re-watch the skins series and maybe stop biting my nails. i also have to work tomorrow, which is a little sad face but i think i'll live. i've raped my headphones with some foreign object so i think i need to get a new pair of those, too. huh.

i do doubt that anyone really cares about my shopping list but i'm fairly sure that a blogs main purpose is to tell strangers the boring details of your life. i'm not wearing shoes.