less cute.

this morning my bus broke down on the side of the road. we were near a gas station, about a five minute drive to my house.
previous to that, i had actually missed my bus. realizing i had left my coffee at home i turned around to go grab it - morning would be a blur without my coffee. when i was rounding the corner to my stop, the bus drove straight past. i was devastated, forcing myself to walk the extra five minutes to another stop. thank god i got on the bus.
with my coffee in hand i was finally on my way to school. i love getting to school early, and on the risk of sounding like a nerd, i love school. it's a great wind down from all the mess in my head.
we stopped at the gas station to pick up someone, and when we went to pull away, the bus driver didn't pull onto the road. we were simply driving on the side of the road, like a timid child trying to cross without their parent. we suddenly stopped and the driver popped her head around the side. "we've broken down," she said "we've got a bus coming from pagent".
pagent is fucking far away.

anyway, moral of the story is, well, i don't know. maybe fate had a very sick butterfly effect in store for me this morning. maybe god's punishing me for doing drugs (caffeine, ahah), or maybe i should just start making mum drive me to school again. either way, i'm still in a shitty mood from the lack of signal on my phone and the amount of coffee i sculled in five minutes. and kaylah's not here today. boo.