all summer.

convincing myself that life was going to return to normal after my year in the USA was really quite easy. unfortunately, seeing my peers at school one afternoon, i realised that it was not as simple as it seemed.

breaking out of a fresh mold, i figured that life isn't going to be easy, nor is it going to remain the same. a year is a long time and i finally realise that nothing will ever stay still for me. i paint my nails different colors but the polish still chips off over time. i suppose that's how it's meant to go.

my mother is a firm believer in karma, and growing up with her constantly by my side i've come to find that karma makes a lot more sense than people give credit for. Taoism is a brilliant thought. bad things happen to bad people and there will always be a little darkness in the good times; there will always be a glimmer of light in the bad.

taking into consideration that i grew to hate everything, seeing life from someone else's point of view has really changed me. i guess what i'm trying to say is that even though things may seem bleak there'll always be something good to come; life is not worth crying over. we only get one shot.