she broke down and i
broke down, 'cause
i was tired of lying.
driving back to her
apartment, for the
we're alone.
she's alone.
i'm alone.
now i know it.

brick - ben folds five.



your eyes crystalize around my gaze and i'm trapped beside you. i am completely aware that you're beautiful. my chest is filled with a light weight, stuffed with something warm and smothering. my mouth feels like cotton and i tug my hair with nerves.
i want to kiss you, but i can't, and i know that we're impossibile. it hurts, but i know that if i even suggest the chance it'd hurt you more.
thus my lips are sealed and my ships afloat. i will become day-late and older without the wiser. you will grow to be something brilliant, like i always knew you would, and when we meet again i know that i could never touch you like i did before.


what have i become?
my sweetest friend,
everyone i know
goes away in the end.
and you could have it all;
my empire of dirt.
i will let you down.
i will make you hurt.

hurt - johnny cash.



i watched him sleep. he was tucked up next to me, positioned in such a way that only he could pull off. his hair was curled beautifully around his sharp face and all i could do was wish to touch the boy i fell in love with. i wanted to reach out, just to feel him breathe under my palm and have his soft skin caress my unworthy fingers.

but yet all i can recall after that is the wonder as to how he could do that, and why i would ever trust anyone with my heart. they argue that it was a mistake, yet if a mistake goes unpunished how will anyone learn?

my silver box will stay locked until someone is brave enough to build a key.